Why the cashew is not sold in the United States

Why the cashew is not sold in the United States

The cashew was once nicknamed the blister nut, because if you try to eat it raw from the tree, your mouth pays the price. The cashew is not a nut, however; it’s a seed. On the tree, the fruit that contains it looks like a bloated green kidney bean or a boxing glove dangling comically below an upside-down red or yellow bell pepper, the swollen stalk of the fruit, called the cashew apple.Just as the cashew isn’t really a nut, this so-called apple is a false fruit.

Whatever Happened to…The Freemasons

Whatever Happened to…The Freemasons

Episode 6 – Freemasons arrived in Australia with the First Fleet and up until quite recently were shrouded in secrecy and tightly maintained traditions. Freemasonry is not a religion, but members must believe in a supreme being, and in its heyday most were either Protestants or Jews. Catholics were forbidden by their church from joining. Now, faced with declining membership, the Freemasons have had to relax some of their rules and reinvent themselves. So, what does this silent band of brothers actually do? Are they viable anymore? If so, who belongs and why?