Florida panhandle: a foodie road trip

North Florida’s panhandle has wild rivers, cypress swamps and undeveloped coasts, which means its restaurant and shacks serve some of the tastiest cuisine in the state, including fantastic – and cheap – seafood


Technology vs Writing And Thinking

Writing and editing and producing 50 posts a day – and doing something very similar almost every day since Bill Clinton was president – must be affecting my brain. It’s not as powerful as the effect on the younger, developing brain, but, yes, skittishness, dissatisfaction, and constant stress have doubtless changed my entire mindset. And I can see the point about online porn making physical sex more difficult – especially if you spent your most formative sexual adolescence under the spell of constant, dizzying varieties of sexual imagery and video. How can one woman or one man even begin to replace that cornucopia of dopamine?

Our brains were designed to be turned on. But not this often, this instantly, this pleasurably and without any consequences at all.

Digging ministerial advisors out of the accountability black hole Terry Moran

Chris Berg and Lynne Ashpole may see a world of public service attention seekers, but I remain a signed-up supporter of our Westminster system of government.

It has served our nation remarkably well since Federation and played a substantial role in the unprecedented creation of wealth and opportunity that has happened over the past 30 years.

Indeed, my concerns about public administration in Australia, and the broader reforms I am advocating, are precisely because our Westminster system is now under threat.