Buzzkill? How Climate Change Could Eventually End Coffee

Millions around the world wake up and brew a cup of coffee before they start their day. But for many involved in the industry, a caffeine buzz isn’t keeping them up at night—instead, what’s causing insomnia is the increasing difficulty that climate change causes coffee farmers.


Peter Martin: How well do home‐owners know the value of their homes?

New research published in the Australian Economic Review finds Australians typically overestimate the value of their homes by 2.5 per cent. The ones who do it the most are young, living in so-called McMansions on the fringes of Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Daniel Melser, a senior economist at Moody’s Analytics conducted the research while at the University of Technology Sydney.

“It means our wealth statistics are wrong,” he says. “All the wealth statistics are based on owners estimates of the value of their homes, not the actual values.”

Place for public-private partnerships in cyberspace

Public private partnerships (PPPs) haven’t been such a happy experiment. Using private money to build arterial roads just increases their cost because private capital requires much higher returns than government borrowing.

But I’ve long wondered about a different kind of PPP that plays to the respective strengths of public and private sectors, rather than their weaknesses.

The 10 best seed recipes

Frozen strawberry cheesecake on a sunflower seed crust

This cheesecake is allergy-friendly and gluten-free. The crust is very sweet, so the topping doesn’t have to be: try yoghurts, soft cheeses or coconut creams. Use different fruits for a change in colour.

Serves 8-10

For the crust
300g sunflower seeds
2 tbsp hemp seeds (optional)
12 fresh medjool dates, pitted
2 tbsp coconut oil
½ tsp sea salt

For the topping
300g fresh or frozen strawberries
Juice of ½ a lemon
120ml honey or agave syrup
500g quark (or Greek yoghurt or mascarpone)
250g strawberries