Abbott Federal Liberal rally carbon price | Crikey

How can increasing the price of anything possibly be good? How can paying more for electricity stop climate change? Surely it’s the sort of ridiculous, theoretical rubbish out-of-touch intellectuals come up with because they don’t live in the real world.

This is part of a political culture of manufacturing authenticity, one about repurposing the old line that once you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made. But trying to confect authenticity can take politicians to some peculiar places. Abbott’s efforts are more subtle than the “real Julia” of the 2010 election campaign, or Gillard’s early efforts as Prime Minister to portray herself as a sort of Stakhanovite advocate of ceaseless manual labour, or for that matter Kevin Rudd’s ludicrously over-the-top Queenslandisms.

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Here is the post title – Deconstructing Tony: Abbott and the manufacture of authenticity


Silent reading isn’t so silent, at least, not to your brain | Neurotic Physiology

Many people who read silently do so by imagining a voice speaking the words they are reading (and often, it’s your own voice, so there’s even a specific “tone”. I wonder if this is what makes people react so strongly to some blog posts). This could be because when we learn to read, we associate symbols with verbal sounds until the association is effortless (as for reading learning in the deaf, it may occur another way).*

This is particularly interesting because it means that reading silently is producing “cross-talk” between different sensory systems, with written words producing an auditory experience for the reader. But is it really an auditory experience?

#20: Rudimental – Feel The Love {Ft. John Newman} | Hottest 100 – 2012 | triple j

The organ intro and John Newman’s soulful vocals lend the start of ‘Feel the Love’ a religious vibe, but it doesn’t take long for Rudimental’s moody drum n’ bass epic to prove it’s more at home in a dark and sweaty club than a church. It’s the London quartet’s Hottest 100 debut – impressive stuff for an outfit that were only a year and a half old when this track was released!