F*** You, Motherland

WeiweiAi Weiwei’s Mission to Save China From Herself

“Freedom is a powerful thing. Once you’ve experienced it in your heart, no one can take it away from you. Then you can be more powerful than an entire country.” 

  – Ai Weiwei



Screw Bronze!: 2012 Olympics, gender policing of females by the IAAF & shackles to limit female elites

Why after 40 years of IAAF approved mixed races did men decide that ‘mixed races’ didn’t count for women? Because female marathon runners were getting too good, and because there weren’t any women in the boardrooms to oppose what seemed rational to IAAF leadership

. “Skim the masthead of the IAAF and it’s testosterone as far as the eye can see: president; general secretary; treasurer; senior vice-president; all three vice-presidents; all five area representatives – all men.”

While it is clear that Paula Radcliffe, using pacers to move her time up 60 or 90 seconds, was the target of the IAAF decision, along with all those who would now imitate her in order to get the ‘international’ level times to qualify for the Olympics. But the retroactive elimination of records that are almost a decade old, because the runner couldn’t see what the IAAF would decide years in the future was legal or not is extreme. It is opposed by Marathon Organizations as setting back the sport. It is opposed by everyone except the IAAF.

Men’s records set in mixed gender races remain as ‘world records.’

The Sky Right Now » Ryan Brenizer

The Sky Right Now

July 26, 2012

Not Photoshopped to heck; it actually looks like that. 23 images with a new lens I’m testing for B&H (the Tamron 24-70 VC).

You can buy a print of this here. For this I recommend a wide print like the 12×24″. The watermark will not be in the printed image.

Well, hello entire world. Nice to meet you. Here’s another one for people still looking. Single image:

(buy a print here)

facebook comments:

Aram Stith wow, on a blog FILLED with amazing photos this stands out.

Emi@1314 Awesome photo! Just curious, what lens are you testing?

Klick Studios, Inc. Photos can define a career, I wish you the best and that this shot of the NYC skyline does just that for you.


Sezin Koehler Please put a watermark on this photo so that we can share and not steal your thunder. Pun intended. 😉

One of the most amazing captures I’ve ever seen. Ryan, you are blessed.



Eric Faber Is there any way I can get a high res copy of this photo? It would make an incredible background for my dual monitor set-up.

Rick Miller Wow!

Craig Cacchioli Looks amazing. Can’t believe that this hasn’t had that much PS to bring it out like this.

coyote All hail Gozer…!

Bigdady1 Looks amazing it’s very hard to believe its real

Joseph Gotham city looks amazing! =)

gerardo huertas Good fotos and nace

amiin Wow masha Allah amazing photo

jorge.cortell.net » Incredible photo of last night’s “derecho” storm in New York […] concentrated on something else” (although I would have loved it), but this is a great shot by Ryan Brenizer. Share-Comparte:Related […]

Michelle Looks like a Batman movie right before a big brawl between good and evil is about to begin, I love it,capture more….

brian amazing shot! were you taking these from the pulaski bridge, by any chance?

Daniel Berry, NYC WOW. it looks like we were about to be sucked up into the sky!

Texas Judge Rules ‘The Sky Belongs To Everyone’

The lawsuit argued, “The atmosphere, including the air, is one of the most crucial assets of our public trust….Global climate change threatens to dry up most of these waters, turning them from gorgeous, life-giving springs into dangerous flash-flooding drainages when the rare, heavy rains do come. The outdoors will be inhospitable and the children will have few places to recreate in nature as the climate changes. They will be living in a world of drought, water shortages and restrictions, and desertification.