Happy International Mother Language Day! | Fully (sic)

… not that you were aware that today is actually International Mother Language Day. It’s one of those UNESCO/UN labelled events that is basically a name and has little in the way of actual events and promotion to support it. A bit like when 2008 was proclaimed the International Year of the Potato.

Still, International Mother Language Day has been around since 2000 and has a noble sentiment of promoting linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.

i’m a little bit late to this Day

Bradley Manning’s Quest for Justice

President Obama, ultimately the judge’s commander, does have an opinion about the matter – as he told me when I asked for his view at a fundraiser in San Francisco last April, at the end of Manning’s extended solitary confinement at Quantico Marine Base.

In his mind, Bradley Manning was already guilty. The conversation was caught on tape, and legal experts have argued that the president’s statement should be grounds for dismissal.

“We’re a nation of laws,” Obama told me. “He broke the law.”