Megaphones – Phillip Adams

Former NSW premier Bob Carr describes the program as “a corner of the radio universe free of the cacophony of climate-change denials, rank racism, manufactured grievances and fake indignation that is the currency of commercial radio”.

Although he makes no effort to hide his opinions, Adams doesn’t prosletise like the shock jocks do. What he does do is introduce new voices and issues – usually from overseas, and of a progressive bent – into our national conversation.

“We discuss abstract ideas,” explains Adams. “It’s not a political program. It’s about ideas and being curious but it does, by ABC standards, pull a large audience. And the thing about them is that they’re very smart. They’re probably the most educated audience in the country.”

Eric Schmidt: If you can’t use your real name, don’t use Google+. – Boing Boing

Regarding people who are concerned about their safety, he said G+ is completely optional. No one is forcing you to use it. It’s obvious for people at risk if they use their real names, they shouldn’t use G+. Regarding countries like Iran and Syria, people there have no expectation of privacy anyway due to their government’s own policies, which implies there’s no point of even trying to have a service that allows pseudonyms.

G+ is not for those contemplating change in dictatorships. or who use a name that isn’t ‘real’.