We can’t use it – so why the heck are we prospecting for new oil?


Why the heck are we prospecting for new oil anyway?

It’s not a difficult issue to grasp. If we burn just 60% of current global reserves of fossil fuels, we produce two degrees of warming. We cannot afford to use what has already been discovered, let alone to find more.


Labor Must Fix Public Transport Woes in Victoria

This feeds into an interesting idea that is gathering support and deserves to be a key debate in next month’s election. It involves wresting power from the private operators and hollowmen government advisers and giving it to a crack team of independent experts with experience in co-ordinating the timetables and strategic direction of a large public transport network.

Broadly based on the Vancouver model – but similar to co-ordinating authorities in London, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Zurich, Perth and Singapore – this customer-focused body would receive direction from the minister but have the power to direct the private franchises; organise a city-wide timetable that connects buses, trams and trains; order upgrades; and plan for the future.

At the heart of this idea is that transport planning should be an open process in which the public participates.

Civil Engineering and Geosciences – research facilities

for research and learning

Within the School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences we work hard to create and maintain the facilities that are required by our staff and students for their research and learning: we believe that excellent facilities make the research and learning easier, more exciting and more fruitful.

The school is housed in two almost adjacent purpose designed buildings, Cassie and Drummond, and has a share in Devonshire which is adjacent to both. The Devonshire houses the Institutes for Research into Environment and Sustainability and the Informatics Institute, CeG making a significant contribution to both. The buildings are in a prime position on the City Centre Campus. As well as our own facilities described below, we are within 400m of the University Library, several suites of teaching rooms, six university support computer clusters, the open access language facility and much more. With our buildings we have a suite of nine fully equipped teaching rooms and a further five meeting rooms.

Within our buildings we have an exceptional range of laboratories and you can take a virtual tour of some of them below.