This is the Arctic?


Thinner, less extensive sea ice creates more open water, allowing stronger wave generation by winds, thus increasing wave-induced erosion along Arctic shores. Sea-level rise and thawing of coastal permafrost exacerbate this problem. The village of Shishmaref, located on an island just off the coast of northern Alaska and inhabited for four thousand years, is now facing the prospect of evacuation.

Don’t look at what the miners say, look at what they do – Crikey

The “debate” over the RSPT is increasingly boiling down to a simple contest between the Government and a number of huge, mainly foreign companies that are systematically lying about the impact of the tax — as demonstrated by their own actions — and who have in effect hired the Opposition in order to run a political campaign of obstruction.

These are very large, very wealthy companies used to getting their way with most of the governments they deal with.